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These are limit orders. It helps to spell out clearly what they mean:

The first user (market maker) bids to buy 1 LTC and is willing to pay up to a limit of 2 Test per LTC.

Then, the other user (market taker) wants to sell 1 LTC and is asking for as little as 1 Test per LTC.

Therefore the two limit orders match at the rate of the market maker (2 Test per LTC). The format of the market name is BASE_QUOTE, same as in Bittrex. Other exchanges use QUOTE_BASE but I find BASE_QUOTE convenient because the markets can easily be sorted and grouped by base currency.

As for the issue with UTC times, I believe I see the problem now, and will provide a fix shortly.

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P.S. In the future let’s try to use one thread per issue to avoid confusion. Thanks!