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Alex, I have been checking again about this questions.

With two diferent users I placed a bid and an ask each for a custom pair Test_LTC markt, OK.

1. The User 1 placed a Bid with the following prices and ammount:


2. The User 2 placed an Ask for the same pair, but with a different price rate, as follows:


3. The behaviour I was expecting is that the order should appear as placed order, but not filled, because the rate price (1.0000) in this Ask is different from the previous Bid (2.0000) rate price. The order once placed, it matched:



4. Regarding the time, in Maket history transactions, it shows UTC time, but in Market trnsactions it show in UTC (my OS is UTC+2, my wp install is UTC+2, and my server as I could check is UTC). I think in the graph the same time issue.


Please could you have a look?

Let me know if you need further information please

Thank you very much in advance