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Reply To: Withdrawals


Hi Alex,

I think I found the issue, which is related to refunds. I placed a new order, and the button reappears, but if you perform a refund, the button disappears again. Could you check and confirm this behaviour? I performed 2 test, one using refund with strpe and another using this extnsion, and the result is the same, so it is a bug related to wmcp I think. I adressed the issue to their team.

Regarding withdrwls, I found that when I perform a withdrwl with crptos gatway, it works correctly, but in the vndr dashboard, in stats/reprt–>Bankng ovrview, as you will see, the withdrawals made with this gatway does not record the corresponding row. If you can test with bank trasnsfr for example, you will see that there it should appear a row with the withdrwl made with its corresponding debit amount, and actualizing the balance. Please Alex could you check on this?

Thank you