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Thanks again for your comments. I have moved your post to a new thread, as you have mentioned two issues that are unrelated to the previous one:

About trade times: I have double-checked again the user history and market history views. Everything should be always saved in UTC time in the DB. The times in the frontend are displayed using moment.js, which translates the times to local using the browser. This ensures that each user sees times according to their own timezone. The browser uses the settings from your OS. Can you check that you have set the timezone of the computer you’re using correctly? Also, which views do you see the problem in? As mentioned before, I checked the user history and market history.

About the matching engine: Could you please provide a clear example with values that you think should not match? What bid and what ask did you enter with two different users? Please either provide screenshots or a complete example with actual values, so I can reproduce the issue. Thank you.

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