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Reply To: Withdrawals


Hi Alex,

I hope you are doing well.

I am back to you regarding this issue with some investigation I made, and maybe help you out. After many exchanges with wmpc team, finally the issue regarding the Withdwls button is fixed, now it is visible again in its corresponding page.

Well, I tested the adapter for withrawals requests, and it works, but there is an issue.

If you test a withdrwl for an order that did not had any refund (with Unpaid status in Backend wmcp Comsions section), the operation executes correctly, and the order disappears from the withdrawals table (and in Backend Commissions section changes to Paid status). OK.

The problem comes when an order has been refunded (changes from Unpaid to Partially_refunded in Backend Commission section). If you test a withdrawal for this refunded order, you will find that the adapter makes correctly the payment to the vendor, but the order stays in the withdrawal table, and you can make as many withdrawal operations you want for the same order. This is because in backend, in the Comsions section, the order does not change its status to Paid, it stays in Partially_refunded.

Please Alex, could you have a look?

You can have the latest fixed wmcp version from git here

Thanks in advance