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@davej Hello,

I have been trying to reproduce this issue again but without success. If you like, there’s two things you could do, either one would help me reproduce the problem and thus solve it.

1. Can you locate the SQL console? If you have access to phpMyAdmin then you can find the SQL console there. Alternatively, your host can help you locate it. Please try the following query.

SELECT * FROM wp_wallets_orders WHERE ( amount - filled ) < 0.00001 and status='open';

You might have to replace wp_ in the query with your actual DB prefix. The DB prefix is shown in the dashboard section under “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets”.

2. If you cannot execute the query, could you please describe the exact steps that produced the problem? I might be able to recreate the problem by following the actions you performed.

Let me know please. Thank you.

with regards