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Reply To: Feature Request – enabling/disabling coins


Hello Alex,

I updated to last version, 2.1.0, but unfortunately it is not working for checkout and withdrawals from vndrs.

The trials I made for checkout:

1. Enabling 2 coyns: when I proceed to checkout and chosing to pay with one of the enabled coysn, I get the error message “Payment error: Selected cryptocurrency is not enabled for payment”.

2. Enabling all coyns (all items unselected in settings): Same issue as in point 1.

3. Enabling 1 coyn with no balance for the user: correct, just got no options for payment (no balances).

4. I enabled a custom point/coyn but I did not find it in the coin selector for payments, why? because it has no exchange rates?

I returned to previous version 2.0.1 and everything works. I made the trials using wp5.1.1, wc5.6.4, wmcp3.3.6.

What do you mean about affecting wmcp? (about issues I found regrding wmcp I am answering you in the dedicated topic)

Please Alex can you have a look?

Thank you

Best regards