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Thank you for providing access. I was able to login and navigate to the “crypto wallets” page, by did not see the error you encountered. I used both Firefox and Google Chrome.

However, I did see another JavaScript error, coming from some SEO/Google Analytics plugin. It looks like a common syntax error. In the following code:

links_out.forEach(function (link, key, listObj){
	if (!link.href.match(/.*\.(zip|mp3*|mpe*g|pdf|docx*|pptx*|xlsx*|rar*)(\?.*)?$/) {
		if (link.href.indexOf('mysite.example') == -1) {
			link.addEventListener('click', function (e){ ga('send', 'event', 'outbound', 'click', e.target.href, {'nonInteraction': 1}); }); }); } }});

There is a missing closing bracket after the condition of the first if statement. Ideally you should contact the developers of this plugin to let them know.

For now, first try to disable your SEO or analytics plugin, and see if this makes a difference.

I am still not sure why you saw that other error regarding JSON responses. I did not see that error. But before we look into this any further, first disable the SEO plugin and let me know please if it makes any difference.

with regards