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Reply To: Purchase without depositing first



I hear you. I get this request often. It is not a bad idea, but is actually not very straightforward to implement within the current plugin.

The parent plugin would first need to provide a “callback address” feature, i.e. to be able to create addresses not associated to users but to other objects than can trigger a callback function once a deposit is made. This is doable, but it would require some schema changes and development.

Once this is done, it would be useful for all kinds of payment gateways.

Others do not let you use your own wallet for a good reason. Today most web “developers” lack the technical capability to set up and maintain their own node. This generates a lot of load on the support side when people have questions (most questions are about the Unix shell and about network firewalls). I have already decided that this plugin should give you the choice to use full nodes if you want to, so hopefully in the future I might be able to add this feature as well.

I cannot promise that I will start work on this any time soon, because it is a lot of work and I don’t have the time.

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