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First of all I have moved your post to a new thread.

Before doing anything we must determine what is causing the problem:

1. Which coin adapter are you using?

2. Which plugins and extensions are you using?

3. Are you able to login and use the site? Under what circumstances do you get error 524?

4. If you can login, try disabling cron jobs (set Run every to never). Does the problem resolve itself? If not, then the issue is not related to cron jobs.

5. Does the problem resolve itself if you disable other plugins?

6. What happens if you deactivate the woocommerce payment gateway? Does the site become responsive?

7. Also, HTTP 524 is the timeout error code. This indicates a firewall problem. Did you reconfigure your webserver in any way, or did you move between hosts?

8. Are you using cloudflare? Could you disable it for a moment to see what happens?

Please let me know about all of the above so I can get a clearer picture.

with regards