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Hello Megan,

This is not currently easy to do.

Actually I am currently working on a big change that will allow shortcodes to do things like that.

First I will roll out these changes to the parent plugin, possibly later today if all goes well, or early within the week.

After that, I will apply similar changes to the Exchange extension. I will try to do this as well.

In any case, the timeframe can be controlled via JavaScript. To set the knockout observable to 1 hour candlesticks, you would do:


You could attach this to the wallets_exchange_ready bubbling event, like so:

$( 'html' ).on( 'wallets_exchange_ready', function( event, markets ) {
} );

The available timeframes are: ‘1m’, ‘3m’, ‘5m’, ’15m’, ’30m’, ‘1h’, ‘4h’, ‘1d’, ‘1w’

Hope this helps.

with regards