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Reply To: There seems to be a problem with the deposit.


Hello again,

This looks like it is a matter of networking if IPN messages are not being delivered.

I would start by thinking what is different on those other sites where deposits work:

1. Are you using a different CoinPayments account? Then it could be something to do with the account settings. If you follow this guide then everything should be in order. Make sure to not specify a custom IPN URL.

2. Do you have a different web server config? Since you mention that other sites on the same server work, I would also compare the web server config of those other sites with the one that causes problems. Perhaps it is due to some rewrite rule. Do you see the incoming IPN in your server’s access log or error log? There could be indications towards the problem there.

Unfortunately I am not available for hire, as explained in the FAQ. Also, it is likely that the problem is not within WordPress or its plugins, so I wouldn’t be able to help you anyway. This is probably due to some server configuration.

Ultimately there is an incoming connection to your server. It either stops at your hosts firewalls, or your server’s firewall, or it reaches your web server, in which case it is stopped by your rewrite rules, or it is stopped at WordPress. There are logs for all of these layers. I would recommend that you start from the first one and determine at which point the message stops.

with regards