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@vidyen Actually you can insert a manual deposit via your MySQL console, if you really need to. This is roughly what the Airdrop extension does, but on multiple users. If you need to do tests, I would recommend that you connect to a litecoin wallet in testnet mode and use a litecoin testnet faucet. http://testnet.litecointools.com/ https://kuttler.eu/en/bitcoin/ltc/faucet/

If you simply want to disable confirmations for internal transfers you can do so. You can also set the cron job interval to 1 minute to speed things up.

@megan Thank you for your contribution. I believe Felty wants to do transfers not from one user wallet to another but from the site’s hot wallet to a particular user. This would be achieved with a manual deposit entry. But you are correct, it is certainly possible to deposit a large amount of testnet coins to an admin user and then perform internal transfers to other users for testing purposes. If done via the PHP API, the confirmations can be skipped.