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Thank you for reporting this problem. I tested the checkout process again and could not reproduce the problem you report. Could you please give me some more info?

1. In your previous message you mentioned that there was no dropdown menu on the checkout page, but now you say that you attempted to do a checkout and got the error message. Does this mean that now you were able to select a cryptocurrency on the checkout page?

2. You mentioned that your shop’s default currency is USD. Which cryptocurrency did you attempt to checkout with?

3. Can you confirm that A) it a currency that you have installed an adapter for and B)the exchange rate of that particular currency to USD is available? Alternatively, do you have the exchange rate of that currency to BTC, AND the BTC_USD exchange rate?

4. Are you using the latest version of the gateway (1.1.14)?

5. Did your shop work with this currency before, or are you installing a new currency?


Looking forward to your reply.

kind regards