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Reply To: TX fees missing in order


Hello Alex,

I am still on fees thing, and I think there is an issue with the new additional option of aplying fees for orders.

I performed some test orders both checking the box of aplying fees and without. It resulted that move fees (transfers) are always aplyed, and deducted (should be added to the order amount) from the amount to pay for the order, then a lose of money (fee) from admin side. Could you check this?

It is possible, if fees application box checked in settings by admin, to show to the user in checkout page separetly near the dropdown con selector the added fee that he has to pay?

Also, if fees application box checked in settings by admin, it should be considered the total order amount plus the added fees as the amount to consider if user has sufficient balance in each coin to pay (according to the last extension update).

Thank you Alex,

Best regards