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Reply To: Deposits issue



Thanks for testing. I have done similar tests.

If you send 1 LTCT to the deposit address, it is correct to say that 0.995 LTCT is deposited, after the fee is subtracted.

This is reflected correctly in the plugin’s transactions list. In the coinpayments platform, if you visit the wallets section, you will see that 0.995 LTCT is added.

I do not plan to add a variable deposit fee to this or the other coin adapters. The only deposit fee is the one that is enforced by the CoinPayments platform. This is currently 0.5%, but the value is not fixed in my code. If it changes, the change will be reflected in the plugin. The plugin finds out about how much was spent in fees from the IPN message each time a deposit is made.

You mentioned that you deposited 1 LTCT and you saw 1 LTCT added to the user balance. Could you please confirm that? My tests indicate that this is definitely not the case. 0.995 LTCT is added both to the CoinPayments balance and the plugin’s balance.

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