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Reply To: Deposits issue


Hello Alex,

Thank you for the update.

After some testing it seems that there is still an issue regarding deposit fees. I hope I will be clear explaining myself.

1. I sent 1 LTCT to an user LTCT adress
2. Received as superaccount admin and a confirmation from CP.NET of a deposit of 1 LTCT.
3. I checked on CP dashboard in IPN history transaction and deposit record and I found that a fee of 0.5% is discounted. Info found in deposit record:
1.00000000 LTCT
Minus Fee: 0.00500000 LTCT
Net: 0.99500000 LTCT
4. Received an email from CP adapter extension confirming the deposit of 1 LTCT, founding in Transactions that 1 LTCT is accounted in user balance, without taking into account the fee taken from CP.

So using the 1.0.7 it could be a bit confusing because the fee of 0.5% is assumed by the site admin. This is why I suggested to add a Deposit fee field in the adapter settings. Another option is just to give free deposit option, but with a porportional withdrawal fee equal at least to 0.5%.

Using the 1.0.6 version does the job in terms of taking into account the fee taken from CP. But, if CP changes their deposit fee politics, the Adapter takes into account automatically the new fee or it is something fixed at 0.5% in the code?

The simplest way is in my opinion is implementing a Deposit fee field in the adapter settings. What do you think about Alex?