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Reply To: Deposits issue


Hello Alex,

I found that the problem was with IPN, as indicated in the IPN debugging message. I renewed API keys and IPN secret and now it works correctly again.

From this experience I found that the fee aplyed for deposits are twice (in fee settings I dont see deposits settings info), from copaments and the extension. From the third party service this are the fees applyed:

– Commercial Deposits (Callback Addresses created with our API) 0.50%
– Personal Deposits (Addresses made on the Your Wallets page or Deposit Addresses retreived with our API) First 30,000 USD equivalent monthly: FREE After that: 0.50%

in which case it is supposed it’s applyed when usin IPN? I understand that is the second case because that they dont get deposit fee because I’m still under the 30k$ equivalent, and that’s why I see only the fee from the extension. Their rule of free deposits is not taken into account.

Alex is there a way to implement in balances an additional option to show to users how their deposits value changed in fiat equivalent taking into account the transactions? The total value change in % should take into account a ponderation coeff for the deposits (or other transaction) at instants(i) t(i) with the rate(i)…

Just another question about cleaing all data. In some moment I will need to clean all test data generated from testing. How can I perform this correctly?

Thank you in Advance

Best regards