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Hello Nick,

I would recommend that you first set up Bitcoin, even if you do not need it. This way you can get the feel of how this all works with a wallet that is known to work correctly. These smaller coins that you mention could have buggy wallets, so it’s best if you isolate for that case.

Unfortunately, I do not undertake installations, as mentioned in the FAQ. However, I am able to help you with any specific questions you may have about installations.

You mention that your site crashes when you try to connect to the wallet. Have you checked the Troubleshooting section of the main plugin for this? Please see “When I activate the plugin, my WordPress becomes extremely slow and is unusable.” If the plugin hits a firewall then it would cause timeout errors, therefore crashing the site. Also, check that your RPC credentials match those set in your .conf file.

Please let me know how exactly connecting to the Bitcoin wallet crashes your site. Does the site become slow and/or unresponsive? Or does it show some error message? If there is an error message, please share it with me.