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Im getting

Full Texts Field Type Null Key Default Extra
Edit Delete id int(10) unsigned NO PRI NULL auto_increment
Edit Delete blog_id bigint(20) NO 1
Edit Delete account bigint(20) unsigned NO MUL NULL
Edit Delete symbol varchar(8) NO NULL
Edit Delete address varchar(255) NO MUL NULL
Edit Delete extra varchar(255) NO
Edit Delete created_time datetime NO NULL
Edit Delete status enum(‘old’,’current’) NO NULL

Perhaps my URIs are off?

walletnotify=curl -s http://www.scoobycoin.com/wallets/api2/notify/SCOOBY/wallet/%s >/dev/null
blocknotify=curl -s http://www.scoobycoin.com/wallets/api2/notify/SCOOBY/block/%s >/dev/null

As there isn’t a folder called wallets in the main directory? Where else would the api2 directory be located with a default installation?

Also I am not sure how to enable wordpress debugging.