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Hello Klaus,

Thanks for sharing the details of your project and for your interest in the plugin.

You mentioned that users of your coin have named addresses assigned. I am not sure how this works, but it doesn’t sound like this is compatible with this plugin.

Besides using the provided cloud wallet coin adapters, Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets works best with full nodes that are forks of Bitcoin core and that share the same JSON-RPC interface. If this is the case for your coin, you can try using the Full Node Multiadapter extension. This coin adapter calls the RPC command getnewaddress on your wallet, so unless this is available, it will not work.

You mentioned that you have some coding knowledge. You can study the Coin Adapter class and see if you can extend it to fit your coin. If so, your main concern should be to provide implementations to get_new_address, get_balance, and do_withdraw.

The get_new_address() call should be able to return a new address on every call. The plugin handles the mapping between users and addresses. If you can provide an implementation that returns the assigned address of each user then it might work.

To get a sense of what a coin adapter extension looks like, you can have a look at the deprecated Litecoin adapter. This has been superseded by the Multi Adapter, but you can use it as an example of how to package a derived subclass of Coin_Adapter into a WordPress plugin.

You also asked how you can help with translations. If you wish you can consult the accompanying PDF documentation under the section “Localization”, where there are detailed instructions. The documentation is packaged in the bundle download of the plugin.

Hope this answers your questions.

kind regards