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I made another set of tests but no succesfull results. For now, it is the only extension I cant get working correctly.

Configuration: last version of all extensions, unmodified code, compatible theme, zlib compression disabled and enabled.

– Uninstalled the plugin and tested previous version 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 in case. Same result.

– Deactivated ALL plugins except core, cp cloud adapter and tips extension, and tested with Twenty Seventeen theme. Same result.

Here is some links (I cant upload an image) to screenshots when clicking the button (unmodified code, and no console errors):



When I modify the data-bind attribution in «tip . php» file, separating them, I get the next :


As you can see, when clicking a tip suggestion the fee stays empty, and also the dropdown coin selector is not displayed.

Thank you Alex

Best regards