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Reply To: receive address not displayed


Thank you for the additional info. I signed up to your site and had a look at the test page.

As you said, there are no JavaScript errors.

The JSON API does not report a deposit address. This is why it is not shown. When logged in, you can see the response yourself. There is a missing field,deposit_address: https://scoobycoin.com/test/?__wallets_apiversion=2&__wallets_action=get_coins_info

The JSON API code uses the wallets_api_deposit_address filter to get the user’s deposit address: https://wallets-phpdoc.dashed-slug.net/classes/Dashed_Slug_Wallets_PHP_API.html#method_api_deposit_address_filter

If an address is not already assigned to the user, a new address is generated by the wallet via the getnewaddress RPC command. Then, the address is attached to the JSON API response, like so:


1. Is it possible that your wallet does not respond to the getnewaddress RPC command? Can you call the command from the CLI to check yourself? For Bitcoin, you would do a bitcoin-cli getnewaddress and it would respond with a string that is a new address. You should replace bitcoin-cli with the name of your wallet’s binary.

2. If the RPC command works as expected, it might be worth looking at your PHP logs. You can enable WordPress logging and then look at wp-contend/debug.log. Then, check to see if any errors appear while the plugin requests a new address.

Please let me know.

kind regards