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Reply To: balances not showing up


Hello Klaus,

1. What address did you send your coins to? Unless you sent the coins to an address that has been assigned as a deposit address for a user, the coins would not be credited towards the balance of any user. Use the frontend [wallets_deposit] shortcode or the User profiles section in your admin to determine a deposit address for a user and then send coins to that user. They should appear as a deposit for that user and once confirmed will count towards their balance.

2. If you are using the MultiCoin adapter you should follow the instructions on the adapter’s homepage on how to add your coin: https://www.dashed-slug.net/bitcoin-altcoin-wallets-wordpress-plugin/full-node-multi-coin-adapter-extension/ The field that should correspond to CCC would be the symbol.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

kind regards