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Reply To: Ether on Coinpayments not showing user balances



I have published your previous post. Thank you for providing additional details.

The symptoms you observe are to be expected since the IPN was not sent successfully. The question is why it was not sent.

I can see that the API endpoint at https://xaymacacoin.com/?wallets-cp-ipn=1 is correctly exposed to the internet.

You mentioned that you momentarily disabled your firewall. Can you please tell me which firewall?

The only course of action now would be to make sure that there are no other firewalls preventing the message from getting through.

You could check if any of the following types of software interfere:

1. Security plugins installed on your WordPress site. Access to your site might be limited by geolocation or other factors and this could be preventing the CoinPayments platform from connecting.

2. Firewalls at your server host.

3. Any firewalls that your host is running to secure their network.

Other things I can think of:

4. Could it be that you have entered your credentials a second time incorrectly after first entering them correctly once? Could you try entering the details once more? The IPN secret is used to verify the authenticity of messages coming from CoinPayments, so if this is entered even slightly wrong then messages would not be delivered. It might be worth verifying that everything is entered correctly and with no additional whitespace characters.

5. Since the IPN details did not reveal any useful error message, it might be worth asking CoinPayments support to see why the IPN message with ID aa3b3a4ed5fcfecd96a45222b5f73246 was not delivered. Perhaps they have more information on this.

I plan to add some validation to the input fields for the credentials, so that users can get early warning on such errors.

Please let me know what you find.

kind regards