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Yes, thank you for the clarification. I believe I understood you correctly.

If you want to delete transactions altogether and not leave any trace, you would have to delete it from the database, such as using the MySQL CLI or a phpmyadmin interface.

For example to delete all the transactions from the faucet:

DELETE FROM wp_wallets_txs WHERE tags LIKE '%faucet%' AND category='move';

Additionally: In light of the recent changes to privacy regulation, due to GDPR, there is also a feature that lets you delete all the transactions of a user. If a user requests their personal data to be deleted, in WordPress 4.9.6 and later you will be able to completely wipe a user’s personal data. The plugin is already built to support these upcoming changes and will delete all the transactions that belong to a user when an admin deletes that user. The admin simply has to click on Tools and then Erase Personal Data to initiate the erasure process for a user. The user will have to provide consent over email.

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