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Reply To: Balances not showing in user accounts


OK thank you for the additional info.

It doesn’t make sense for you to expect a deposit to go through if the transaction was initiated via the CoinPayments interface. What needs to happen is this:

1. The user visits a page with the [wallets_deposit]. The plugin then requests a new address from the wallet (in this case CoinPayments) and assigns it to the user. The mapping is stored into the addresses table.

2. The user then sends funds to that address. The wallet receives the funds, then informs the plugin. In the case of the CoinPayments adapter, this is done via the IPN message. The plugin then creates a deposit transaction for that user.

3. Next time the user views their balance, the plugin sums all the transactions including the new deposit and this new amount is reflected in the total balance for that coin.

Unless the address was stored in the addresses table and mapped to the user’s WordPress user id, the deposit will not go through.

Here’s what you can do to rectify this:

1. Figure out the user’s WordPress ID. This is an integer number that you can find via Admin -> Users.
2. Insert the mapping manually (you would not have to do this under normal circumstances). Here’s how you could do this:
INSERT INTO wpk4_wallets_adds(account,symbol,address,created_time) VALUES(5,'LTCT','A_DEPOSIT_ADDRESS',NOW());
This would associate user with user_id=5 with the LTCT address A_DEPOSIT_ADDRESS.
3. Go to your CoinPayments IPN history, and click the button to resend the IPN message.

This should resolve your current issue. In the future, never allow your users to use the CoinPayments platform directly. They should not even have access to that, since it is your site’s wallet.

Hope this helps.