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I would not recommend that you delete the transactions table because this will delete the user transactions. The transactions might be picked up again or they may not, depending on how many there are. Instead I would recommend that you do the following:

1. Keep a backup of your live database. You can use mysqldump of phpmyadmin to do this, or any other method that you are familiar with as long as you are certain that you can restore the backup in case something goes wrong.

2. Deactivate the wallets plugin to make sure that people are not using it.

3. Make sure that your coin adapter has “CLAM” everywhere where it’s needed instead of “CLAMS”. Install the new adapter.

4. Assuming the DB table prefix is wp_ do the following in your SQL console:

UPDATE wp_wallets_txs SET symbol=’CLAM’ WHERE symbol=’CLAMS’;
UPDATE wp_wallets_adds SET symbol=’CLAM’ WHERE symbol=’CLAMS’;

5. Enable the wallets plugin again.

I cannot think of any reason why this should not work. But still keep a backup of your live database before you do this.

let me know how it goes

kind regards