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I’m curious, how come you said that you “can buy the points already through the coinpayments adapter”? The CoinPayments adapter lets you use a number of cryptocurrencies, not buy or sell anything, and MyCred points are not a cryptocurrency.

Making it possible to do what you suggest might not be a bad idea, but it would probably involve the following:

– A coin adapter that interfaces with the MyCred plugin
– An exchange

I am already working on building an exchange, whenever I find time among user support requests, and I am unable to undertake any more work. Additionally, I do not undertake custom development tasks, this is explained in the FAQ. There is simply too much to do as it is.

I am adding your idea to my backlog, but unfortunately I cannot make any promises as to when something like that would be available.

Thank you very much for sharing this. Hope you understand.

P.S. I have moved this to the General Discussion because it is not really relevant to the CoinPayments adapter.