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Great to hear that you resolved the issue. Answering to your next questions:

If you have only one coin adapter installed and enabled then that will be the only one displayed. Additionally, the front-end drop-downs that let you choose coin, will not be displayed if there is only one coin.

The UIs display all amounts in the cryptocurrency amount AND in one fiat currency. This currency is set site-wide with the Wallets -> Rates -> Default fiat currency setting and at the user level via the WordPress user profile pages.

For this to work, you need to select in Wallets -> Rates -> Rates provider an exchange rate source that includes the BTC-USD exchange rate. Rates for other fiat currencies such as EUR are pulled from fixer.io and are calculated on the fly.

If you are using the JSON API to display currencies in a custom way, then use the rate field from the get_coins_info call to calculate the amounts in the selected fiat currency.

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