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Which adapter are you using? Fees are determined by the coin adapter. The fees are intended to cover the blockchain fees plus any more fees that you may want to charge. The actual fees paid on the blockchain are specified in your actual wallet if you are using a stand-alone wallet, or by your cloud wallet if you are using one of the cloud wallets. The fees you specify in the coin adapter settings should at least cover your actual fees.

When you attempt to send a withdrawal, it must be validated by the user and admin by default. When you visit the transactions screen, in what state is your withdrawal? If it is in a “failed” state, then the user will have received an email with an error message that will let you know what the problem was.

As for internal transfers, these are nearly instantaneous but not quite. First they must be user-verified over email by default. Then they are executed in batches on the next cron runs. You can control how often cron runs and how large a batch of transactions it processes each time.

Let me know which adapter you’re using and what error you get with your withdrawal.

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