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Reply To: Deposit not working?


– Completely uninstalled and removed all data.
– Cleared IPN URL.
– I enabled Litecoin Testnet, but doesn’t seem to show up in adapters or the shortcode lists.

1) Yes it shows the deposit address. In fact, I was able to deposit and have the funds show up on CoinPayments, they just don’t show back on the site. http://i.imgur.com/MrUqG9M.png (Note this screenshot was prior to the re-installation, so should work regardless).

2) IPN history shows “- No IPNs Found -“.

3) Nothing to show, but, all adapters show as “Responding”.

4) Logs are enabled, nothing shows up (enabled log file and show errors on page).

I understand that you probably want me to post here for documentation purposes.