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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR



Congratulations for the speed of the update, I just installed this one but it remains unfortunately a small problem.

I disable the plugin, empty the wp_wallets_adds tables from their old repository address, and re-enable the plugin.

I have taken the trouble to activate the desired currency (BTC), save the connection option on TOR (IP / PORT), and well inform the “Private / Public Key”, “Market ID”, “IPN Security” .

Only the “wallets shortcodes” page remains empty, no repository addresses appear …: (see screen)


The communication of the coinpayment adapter is OK: (see screen)


Do you think the problem can come from the configuration of the wallet coinpayments in itself, or the plugin?

I also remind you that I always use the site .onion of coinpayments, this one => https://coinpaymtstgtibr.onion/

Can this be the problem?

Looking forward to a return of your share, Regards.