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Reply To: Problem with Extension TOR



You have brought up a number of points, let me answer as many of them as I can:

First, I do not know if you can use the block.io service over tor. At least the API URL doesn’t seem to be contactable from within tails. That would explain why it didn’t work for you.

The CoinPayments adapter can possibly work with the curl parameters that you mentioned, I haven’t tested it though. If you have tested it, I would very much like to know what you found, otherwise I will try to make it work myself at some later time and release a patch if needed.

The process to switch to another adapter is as follows (I will add it to the FAQ):

1. Deactivate the first coin adapter
2. Delete your deposit addresses. Simply do a
DELETE FROM wp_wallets_adds WHERE symbol IN ('BTC','LTC','DOGE');
in your SQL console. This will let new deposit addresses to be generated by the new adapter. If you do not do this your deposit addresses will be from the old adapter/wallet.
3. Install and activate the new adapter.

The CoinPayments adapter is well-tested over clearnet. Can you confirm that you can use it over clearnet? That would eliminate the possibility that you’re doing something else wrong. If it works over clearnet but not tor then we can work from there.

Also, stepping back from the details, you are obviously interested in anonymity, so I believe you might be better off setting up your own wallet, rather than using a third-party service. I’m curious, why don’t you try to install your own Bitcoin wallet on a server? I normally recommend users against this, but you seem to be one of the edge cases who might be better off doing this.

If you do not want to keep the entire blockchain online, you could use the built-in Bitcoin adapter with this wallet:


In any case, make sure to only have only one adapter enabled for each coin that you use. The plugin will warn you about this.

Let me know how it goes.