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Thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately I have decided that the Ethereum ecosystem is not one of my priorities, despite popular requests.

The Ethereum accounts model does not fit well with the plugin, which requires funds to be in one wallet despite what address they come from. It would require complex gas management to transfer funds from deposit addresses and the solution would be ugly, errorprone and costly

Furthermore, the framework you show me is a JavaScript framework, not a PHP framework. The plugin is a custodial (i.e. server-side) solution.

Finally, I want to give priority to developing support for taproot assets (aka tarot) when I find the time to do so.

If you or someone else is interested in developing a wallet adapter for the Infura API, I can provide some guidance. The place to start from is here: https://github.com/dashed-slug/wallets/blob/6.1.10/docs/developer.md#developing-wallet-adapters-wallet-adapters

Again, thanks for the suggestion. Sorry that I can’t give you a better answer.

with regards