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I logged in to your site to investigate.

You are attempting to connect to an LND node on the localhost. However, the host is on a free WordPress hosting service that doesn’t seem to provide any SSH access. Have you really installed LND on the localhost?

You are attempting to connect to port 9050 on localhost, which is the WordPress server itself. However this port doesn’t appear to be open. I checked with: $socket = @fsockopen('localhost', 9050, $errno, $errstr, 5);

This returned an error indicating that there is no LND node, or other daemon, listening to this port on the WordPress host. Alternatively,

Also please note that, the gRPC port is 8080 by default. If you want to use 9050 instead, you should have also set this port in the lncli.conf file, before starting your lncli service. I don’t recommend that you use 9050, because that’s usually the Tor port, which you may want to use now or in the future. Using Tor is optional.

When the litd server starts, look for a log line that reads:

[INF] RPCS: gRPC proxy started at

In this case 8080 is the gRPC port. The IP however will be the public-facing IP of the server, not

If I’m wrong or I misunderstood something, please let me know.

To clarify, installing the LND wallet adapter requires you to install the Lightning Terminal on a Linux host.

I see that you have entered a tls.cert file, which indicates that you have installed lncli somewhere. Is it really on the same machine?

If you have installed the Lightning Terminal on another server, you should input the IP of that server into the “lnd host” field.


1. If you have installed Lightning Terminal on a different server, change localhost to the IP of that server. Ensure that the port matches the gRPC port that your lnd node is listening to.

2. If you are certain that the host and port you entered is correct, then this is a firewall issue. Contact your hosting providers about this. You want the gRPC port to be available for incoming connections from the IP of your WordPress site. The hosting providers of the server where the Lightning Terminal is installed will be able to help you with this.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you had success with the installation or if you encounter any more difficulties.

with regards