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Hello @cima,

The LND wallet adapter connects to the lnd daemon, which can be run on several platforms, but mostly Linux.

The installation instructions are available here (and are also bundled in the plugin):

lnd Wallet Adapter extension

What’s important is that you set it up on a server, not your home machine. Do not attempt to install it without basic system administration skills. The installation is not easy, but not too hard either. I have provided full step-by-step instructions.

Unlike other full node wallets, the litd bundle (which includes lnd), does not require much disk space or CPU. This means you will be able to run it even on a shared host, which will be more economical.

If you have any more questions about this, please let me know, but please don’t post here in the general discussion. The support forum for the lnd Wallet adapter is here:

lnd Wallet Adapter extension support

Or you can email me with any questions.

with regards