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Thank you for providing screenshots regarding the above.

I am assuming you are using version 6.0.0-RC3.

The screenshots you provided are not from the plugin’s own editors. Can you please use the plugin’s built in editors?

Based on the trace you provided, the plugin is trying to load a wallet by its string name, rather than a post ID:


I am not sure how that can happen. The argument passed to Wallet::load() must be an integer, and the plugin’s editor does not allow you to associate a currency with anything other than a wallets_wallet post ID

I am guessing based on the screenshots you provided, that maybe you used another post meta editor to modify the currency post type? If so, please use the plugin’s own editor.

I am planning to upload a version RC4 with some bug fixes, and this should be the last RC before the final release. But I don’t think that any of the unreleased fixes apply to your particular bug.

(I am taking things slow because I lost a loved one this week and it’s still hard to concentrate on work. Sorry about that. As soon as possible, I plan to continue with the release plan and other planned improvements to the products and website.)

TL;DR The plugin should not ever be calling Wallet::load('bitcoin'). From the stack trace, it looks like you tried to save a currency with a wallet string bitcoin, which is incorrect. I think this is an issue related to you using another post meta editor.

Please let me know if this makes any sense?

with regards

P.S. I use this email for work, not the one at gmail.