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Reply To: IPN questions



I am not sure I understood your question. There are multiple points I do not understand.

1. What do you mean by “using the ipn handler page from coinpayments”? What page is that?

2. “But we need to have balances etc that your plugin uses to show up.”: Which balances are you referring to? Hot wallet balances or user balances? You don’t need communication with CoinPayments or any wallet to display user balances.

3. “i thought we could do almost a file gets to ping your ipn”: What do you mean by “ping the ipn”? The IPN is an incoming message, you cannot do polling on it. That’s the whole point of IPN (Incoming Payment Notification). You need to listen for the incoming message which arrives when the CP platform requests it.

Can you please be more clear? What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to detect when a user performs a deposit to a user deposit address (or to another address)? Please describe what your objective is and I’ll try to help.

with regards