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Thank you, I have received your second email and logged in to check.

There are some JavaScript errors caused by your theme or other plugins, but luckily these do not interfere with the exchange extension.

I attempted to swap 0.0001 BTC for ETH. I entered 0.0001 BTC and clicked the button, to get the error:

Could not place order. Error: Could not enter market order: Order amount must be positive.

This is to be expected. Normally I should be able to see the amount of ETH to receive, but the plugin shows n/a.

Investigating more closely, I see that there is no liquidity on the BTC_ETH market.

This is explained in the Extension’s homepage. The plugin cannot magically import liquidity from other exchanges. There must be an active market to trade currencies.

The [wallets_exchange_market_order] shortcode places market orders. For a market order to execute, there must first be limit orders on the orderbook. Therefore there must be a market maker to place these limit orders around the generally agreed upon price for these currencies.

Also, you should deactivate the ShapeShift extension, because it’s still loading some assets that are not needed.

Please let me know if this is not clear, or if you have any other question.

with regards