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Hello Megan,

Great to hear that everything is working!

I’ve been well, thank you, hope you are well too! I’m very busy with the big upcoming release. Actually I’ve been working on the Airdrop extension these days.

I’m somewhat behind schedule. When I started this revamp in August of 2020 I underestimated the effort by several months. In any case, I think people will appreciate how much more usable the admin UIs are. Creating/editing transactions is a breeze now that they’re custom post types, and you can search for transactions by user, currency, tag, status, or combinations of these.

In general the plugin and its extensions are coming along nicely in all fronts: UI/usability, automated testing/robustness, frontend performance, extensibility, code readability, and the documentation will be more legible and accessible. Once everything is ready, I will upload RC versions of the plugin on dashed-slug.net before pushing the final 6.0.0 to wordpress.org. If there are any significant bugs that escape my tests, hoefully they will become apparent once people try out the RC version.

Every component had to be rewritten from scratch almost, and my main focus right now is to retain the old functionality, and to make the transition easy for users.

You make a good point. An airdrop could be applicable to either a user role or to specific users.

I’m not sure if I will implement this right now, or after the upcoming release, but in any case I will do this soon, because it sounds useful. I am opening a ticket.

There’s also another request for choosing users based on limits on their user balance (https://www.dashed-slug.net/upcoming-bitcoin-and-altcoin-wallets-6/#comment-4575) so I will likely implement these two features together.

I’ll leave you with a very small preview of how nicely everything is organized in the WordPress menu (see attached).

with regards,

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