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Reply To: Litecoin testnet (LTCT) not available on checkout due to missing exchange rate

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Whether a coin is available on WooCommerce checkout depends on whether the exchange rate is known, between that coin and the store’s default currency.

To check what exchange rates are known by the plugin, you can see the debug window at: “Wallets” -> “Exchange Rates” -> “Exchange rates debug views” -> “Exchange rates”.

So, for example, if the store’s currency is USD and you want to check out with LTCT, this will work if you have USD_LTCT, or LTCT_USD, or if you have USDT_BTC and BTC_LTCT.

In the special case of Litecoin Testnet, this exchange rate is not loaded directly from the external services, since LTCT does not actually have value. The plugin looks into this array of exchange rates, and if it finds the BTC_LTC exchange rate, it copies it into BTC_LTCT.

So, in conclusion, you must enable an exchange rates provider that offers the exchange rate between BTC and LTC. All the exchange rate providers should have this.

So, to ensure that the exchange rates are loaded right after you change your settings, you can click on the button “Clear/refresh data now!”.

Now, if you are seeing old/stale prices in the exchange rates debug view, this can only mean that there is a problem with running the cron jobs that are loading the data.

To check if the cron jobs are running, you can check at the admin dashboard, under “Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets” -> “Debug” -> “Cron jobs last run on”. This should run every minute or so.

If cron jobs are not running, you can enable WordPress debugging in wp-config.php, and then enable “Wallets” -> “Cron jobs” -> “Verbose log output (debug)”. Then you can check the log at wp-config.php/debug.log and see if there is any errors. For example, the server may have been unable to contact an external API, or it may have timed out due to network conditions.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions about any of this.

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