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Reply To: Coinpayments adapter crashes site.



In the error log you sent me I do not see any PHP errors, only warnings, possibly coming from your theme.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Try using another theme and reinstall the coin adapter. If the coin adapter works with another theme, let me know.

2. Some themes load TGMPA in a way that is not plugin-friendly. If the coin adapter loads TGMPA first, then the theme can crash, if it is poorly coded. To see if this is the case, do the following: Delete the directory wp-content/plugins/wallets-cp/TGM-Plugin-Activation. The file is not strictly required so you can delete it. Afterwards, activate the coin adapter again.

3. When you received an email with the subject “Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”, there should be some details including a stack trace under the heading “Error details”. If you show me the stack trace I can help you.

4. If you can provide me with admin login credentials, I can check the issue myself and see what the problem is. But first try points 1, 2 and 3 and please let me know what you found.

with regards