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If, as you say, the shortcodes suddenly started displaying, this sounds to me more like a caching thing.

Thank you for the info about wallet builders. I was not aware of this and it does look like a great match with the plugin. I will add this information to the Multi Coin adapter extension homepage. Hopefully by 2022 there will be an ERC-20 adapter so people will be able to create their own coins more easily.

The exchange extension already uses the TradingView UI since version 1.3.0. Styling is mostly the responsibility of the web developer, but I do intend to work on it in the future, when other more pressing tasks are done. Ultimately styling is theme-specific thing so I can’t improve it much without losing generality.

The graph cannot have price values before trades are performed, because this is not how it works: The exchange does not have any connection with other markets. Rather it is a way for people to create their own market, and it may or may not correspond to any other external markets.

For people who want to allow trading over a well-known pair, such as BTC_ETH, there may be another extension in the future that will allow swapping coins at globally accepted market rates. I will have to think about this.

Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate your input.

with regards