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Hi ALex,

Strangely it has started displaying so I think it is something underlying with the permissions on the server itself. I just wanna say I love this plugin and Ive been working with it now for around 2 years and I love it. Just a tip to anyone who wants their own payment gateway that there is a site called wallet builders that will build you a free basic crypto currency and put it online for free for 1 month, node hosting is a few dollars a month additional or you can pay a little and they will allow you full control of the new currency. I think is around 69 euros cost. All these coins work with the plugins adapters and is a very quick way to get your own coin in to a wallet system or exchange using this plugin.
Restyle and add tradingview widget for the pairs and your exchange will have a full graph before any trades are committed. Maybe this is something that could be coded in to the plugin as its a great option to have.

Thanks for your quick reply Alex it is very much appreciated.