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For the faucet extension, you designate a faucet owner (usually an admin).

Deposit funds to that user’s wallets. The faucet then does internal transfers from the admin to the users who request payout. If a user is referred to by another user, the faucet will also do an internal transfer to pay for the referrer’s commission.

For the airdrop extension it’s different: deposit transactions are inserted to the DB to represent the airdrop payouts. You need to pay attention to the hot wallet balance vs the sum of user balances. You can add funds to your hot wallet to back these deposits, so that the users can then withdraw their funds. Use any address in your hot wallet that is not a user deposit address, because if you send to a user deposit address, this will create another deposit transaction in the DB, if that makes sense. A convenient way to replenish your hot wallet balance is the cold storage feature. In the cold storage admin screens, you will find deposit addresses for each wallet, that are not tied to any user. So you can use these to make the hot wallet balance reach a certain percentage of the sum of user balances.

Hope this makes sense, but let me know if you have any more questions.

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