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The upcoming wallets6 is not about providing any new features: It is a consolidation effort of the existing features, into a new codebase that will be of higher quality in terms of UI performance, documentation, readability, maintainability, better unit testing, better static code analysis, automated integration testing, etc.

So, at this time, I am not able to work on any new features. Here is my plan going forward:

I am currently completing the core plugin, and beginning changes to the extensions.

When this is done (around summertime), I will release the changes and I will allocate some time towards bug fixing. With any new software release there are always integration issues that are not discovered until after release, and it should take about a month to sort these out.

Hopefully by autumn time the first bugs will be ironed out.

Then I will focus my efforts towards an ERC-20 adapter which is what everybody is waiting for.

So it is unlikely that I will be able to look at other coins or other features this year.

This is why I am only responding to defects and other issues with the existing products, as they arise.

with regards,