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All coin adapters now available to subscribers free of charge

All coin adapters now available to subscribers free of charge

All available coin adapters for the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin are now made available free of charge.

This change in access control policy is made to reflect a key change in business strategy for the dashed-slug:

  • You still need to purchase premium membership to gain access to any current and future feature extensions.
  • If you are here only to link the plugin to a cryptocurrency that interests you, you can simply subscribe for free, then go ahead and modify the provided Litecoin adapter. The Litecoin adapter is the reference implementation of a coin adapter that connects to an RPC API.

You can learn more about coin adapters here, or in the PDF documentation when you download the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets bundle.

You may copy and distribute coin adapters in accordance with the GPL license. Just remember to remove the ds-update.php mechanism, since the dashed-slug cannot offer updates to your modified adapters.

A full description of what is available to guests, subscribers and members is always available on the dashed-slug homepage.






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