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SLATE Titles Replacement extension

Extends the WordPress SLATE plugin to allow replacing the site title and page / post titles with SVG text.

With most themes you will be able to easily apply SVG text effects to the site title or the page/post titles when you install this plugin.

Customizer UI

When installing this extension to the SLATE plugin, you will be able to replace the site title and/or the page/post titles of your site with SVG text, using a friendly UI built into the WordPress customizer.

Note: As of this writing, the WordPress bug #35824 prevents you from viewing SVG text in customizer. You will have to publish your changes and check in a new window that they appear correctly. This is a current defect in WordPress, not the SLATE plugin. The SLATE plugin will display text fallbacks in the customizer window as a workaround. Fallbacks are not always a good indication of how the SVG text will be rendered.


DISCLAIMER: Depending on how your theme is coded, this plugin may or may not work out-of-the-box with the theme you are using. If that is the case, you will probably be able to fix your theme with very little effort:

From the Customizer UI, you will be able to choose from a selection of WordPress filter hooks. Do some experimenting to find the one that correctly replaces your titles. If none of the hooks work with your theme, you can always edit your theme templates and use the provided replacement tags:

slate_single_post_title( )
slate_the_title( )
slate_get_the_title( )
slate_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' )
slate_get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' )

This is the essence of it.

Read more about this in the accompanying PDF documentation of this plugin. Make sure to download the bundle .zip file, which includes the documentation file.


(requires PHP 5.3, WordPress 4.0)


SLATE Titles Replacement extension

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