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SVG Logo and Text Effects WordPress plugin

Insert text with visually stunning SVG effects into your WordPress site.

To see more examples of text you can create with SLATE, go to the SVG shortcode examples.

easy SVG text

Use shortcodes to insert fancy, eye catching, and SEO-friendly text into your posts, pages or custom content.


Save time and use ready-made presets to style your SVG text. Then you can tweak the text settings to your liking.


Download or create plugins that let you use additional fonts, vector shapes, filter effects, fill patterns, and presets.


Out of the box, SVG Logo and Title Effects comes with Google fonts support. You may extend your font library with font files that you install yourself.

fill patterns

Letters are filled with a fill pattern of your choice. Fill patterns have parameters. Control various sizes, distances and colors to produce unique variations, or let the defaults work for you.

filter effects

Easily pass your SVG text through filter effects such as the built-in glow and drop shadow effects, or any other filter that you install via plugins.


SVG text that has already been rendered once is subsequently loaded from a DB cache, for maximal performance. No compromises on page load speed!

safe fallbacks

Old browsers that don’t support SVG rendering will fallback to the closest HTML equivalent. Your text will be displayed no matter what!


Every release comes with PDF documents covering more than you will ever want to know about this plugin.

registered? enjoy extra features!

When you register at dashed-slug you don't just gain access to online support. You also get plugins that extend the functionality of SLATE with cool features!

page builder

If you have WPBakery Page Builder installed, you can avoid writing shortcodes altogether. Tweak your SVG text via a friendly graphical interface when you install Page Builder integration.

site & page titles

With most themes you will be able to easily apply SVG text effects to the site title or the page/post titles when you install this plugin.

.png fallbacks

Don’t settle for HTML fallback in legacy browsers. When you install this plugin, your SVG text is automatically rendered to cached PNG image fallbacks. Fallbacks are shown whenever SVG cannot be rendered for any reason.


Visit the download area to get this FREE plugin, or install from to get automatic update notifications! Make sure to download the bundle to get the documentation too!

SVG Logo and Text Effects WordPress plugin

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